Web Design & IT

Design Philosophy

“Make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler.” — Albert Einstein

TINITT websites are purpose driven meaning every graphic, every layout, and every object exists for a reason that can be proven. Distractions and flourishes for the sake of having flurish are removed to create a distraction free environment for your brand that leads clients to pages and behavior you decide.

We stick to three principles while designing websites:

  1. Purpose Driven – A user should come to the website and immediately know what it is about. The content of the site as well as the design need to make the point extremely clear so that it is conveyed in the initial few seconds by which the user decides whether to stay on the page or leave for your competitor.

  2. Drawing the User In – Once the user has decided to stay, the design must then urge them to look at other pages on your website. A site shouldn’t bombard the user with more information than they need to process but it has to be interesting enough to get their attention and keep them on the site. Navigating this line is a crucial pillar of good design.

  3. Ease of Use – Now that your potential customers have begun exploring the site, the final job is to make the experience enjoyable and frustration free. A good experience on your site over your competitors site can turn a one time customer into a lifelong customer. It can even convert one of your competitors customers to being one of yours.

In the end, if a visitor wants to come back and spend more time on the website, it is well designed.