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Pricing – The House Analogy

Our web work starts at $10,000

Quoting a web project is similar to quoting the construction of a house; there are wide differences in price and too many variables to set a price without a discussion. There are four main elements that have the biggest impact on the price of a website besides the size of the site itself. These elements can also be thought of as elements of building homes to make them easier to understand.

  • Custom vs. Manufactured Homes

    Custom homes typically cost more than manufactured homes. Why? Custom homes are exactly what you want or need; they’re not a prepackaged product designed for the masses. At TINITT, we have no cookie-cutter solutions. We don’t sell you a prepackaged product that we sell to everybody. All of our clients represent unique companies, organizations, or brands, and we believe they deserve the web presence that reflects that.

  • Blueprints from the Architect

    A great house starts from a detailed blueprint. An architect’s job is to understand what is needed and to create plans for the builders to follow. In order to do their job, an architect needs a lot of information. A blueprint can’t be created by saying, “I want a house with 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms.” Likewise, a website requires more than a brief description like, “I want a website that sells products.” Although a great starting point, the architect of a website or a house needs much more detail to create a blueprint that fits your needs exactly. As a client, the more specific you can be with your needs, the less time has to go into planning and the more money you can save.

  • Quality of Construction

    The quality of a house can vary greatly based on factors such as the materials used and the workers building the house. Generally, higher quality homes tend to cost more than lower quality homes. The same applies for websites. Just as the frames and structures of a house are hidden in walls and not apparent as the house is finished, the difference in website quality isn’t always apparent. Longevity of the product, customer service, and expertise are all reasons to choose quality over low price in both homes and websites. We wouldn’t build a house ourselves; we’d leave it to the experts to make sure it doesn’t come crashing down on us. But when it comes to websites, we are the experts

  • Changes to the Plan

    Once your home is built, changing things can get very expensive. For example, adding a basement to an already finished house is going to drive up the price much more than had the basement been dug before the house was built. Although websites are far more flexible than homes, the same principle applies. Making changes to a website once it’s built is much more expensive than had those features been requested in the beginning. The less you change your mind during the course of the project the cheaper the project will be. We help you carefully plan out your website in order to minimize if not eliminate these unforeseen costs.

Generally, TINITT websites start at $10,000 and can go over $40,000 for very complex projects.